Yoga Time with Tara 

Relaxing, restorative & transforming your posture

Wednesday evenings  6.30- 8.40pm   &    7.50-9pm

Thursdays ‘Seniors Stretch & Breathe’  1.45-2.50pm 

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Yoga with Tara 

Evening Class– 2 classes in one evening mid week. You can choose which time suits you best on the day, even if you book in you can change your mind. The classes are always mixed ability; beginners and those who have been taking this class for many years. With this style of yoga it does not matter how long you have been practising as the journey in the class is your own. We are not trying to reach advanced yoga poses- that is not my style or goal. It is very much about unwinding in class, space to breathe and not think and then eventually when we stand up ( after a lot of floor moves) it is easier to realign posture and explore different balances. So it is a very chilled class so you reset your posture, breathe more effectively and have a super nights sleep. 

Stretch & Breathe Afternoon an beginners yoga class for all ages, though it is  popular with the over 60’s, maybe due to the timing of the class. Lots of beautiful yoga stretches  with the emphasis on posture, strength and keeping all ( hundred) joints moving in their all directions. We don’t want anywhere in our body to be restrictive in movement nor strength. Lots of balances as they are imperative for preventing injury from falls. All my classes finish with a relaxation and breath work. 


Undoing tension is an intense process; letting go of old patterns of holding and effort requires a tremendously strong release. “Relaxation” in Vanda’s vocabulary does not mean collapsing; undoing is not passive but alert and attentive. There is a great sense of resolve in the body’s invitation to gravity, and there is always more to let go. As tension is released and joints become free, new, deep muscles awaken; the feet, especially the heels, come alive and make strong contact with the earth in an almost prehensile way. Increasingly, movement takes place on the spine rather than in the large superficial muscles that are accustomed to working (such as the quadriceps). And even as so many things are changing on a fine motor level in the body, attention must always focus on the wholeness of the movement.  Ned Wishner

Much of my yoga focuses on relieving back, shoulder and neck  tension through realigning posture; be it in standing, sitting or lying down positions. Students are gently encouraged to move arms, legs, pelvis and spine in all possible directions; wiggling, stretching, toning and stimulating the entire body, no area escapes being touched or patiently transformed. Yoga over time improves strength and flexibility, enhances abdominal and pelvic stability, and greatly reduces the back aches and joint pains.

Students often share they feel deeply relaxed and rejuvenated after class. My classes will enable you to learn and master the basic yoga positions and breathing techniques that improve posture, balance & coordination.

No previous yoga experience required, just an inquisitive mind and a willing body. I will give you plenty of ideas for practice at home and in the office, and the beauty of coming to class is you get to completely wind down after a full day and indulge yourself with yourself with no distractions; no phones, no chores, no doingness;  just you, yourself and your breath.

My style of yoga teaching is  greatly influenced by the work of  Vanda Scarvelli,although my orginal teaching trainings were in Hatha and Dru yoga. I continue learning of her Vanda’s work through the monthly teachings with  Gary Carter of Natural Bodies. 

Tara Sutthoff Crist’s classes range from pregnancy to senior,  please check out her website for more details                         You can book all classes online at anytime & you can  send a WhatsAp/text  message on 07505 147957  Email                                                              Tara also Yoga for people with Parkinson’s at SportsAble and teaches Yoga on the Paddle boards  during the warmer months on the Thames, as well as coaches  paddle boarding all year round –

Pregnancy Yoga with expert antenatal care

Monday 7.15-8.30pm 

Prenatal provides expectant mums with safe exercises and time to relax during these special months. This relaxing informative class supports mums throughout their pregnancy. It will be facilitated by Tara   and Joanna Williams a  hypnobirther teacher and  midwife  and Louise Prince a  pregnancy & baby massage therapist.  It includes 45 minutes of pregnancy yoga each week followed by another 30 minutes experience & discussion; hypnobirthing, meditation, breathing, birth places, sleeping positions, the 4th Trimester, and much more.

Taking time out of your life to focus on you and the baby is very important as functioning on the adrealine is not good for the birth or the baby! This class will give you some moves that will strengthen certain muscles and stretch others. The whole body needs to be strong for the growing baby and more relaxed for the birth.

Monday 7.15-8.30pm 

£40 for 4 classes £12 single 

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Yoga Babes for mother & child 

Tuesday 11-11.50am 

Post-natal exercises and yoga for Mummy & groovy moves to nursery rhymes for baby.

Lots of different moves to stimulate and relax your baby; using your body as playground for the babies, not only develops your own core strength but enhances baby’s spatial awareness, confidence and muscle tone. Playtime without the toys, tummy time without noise and a strong body for you to see you through these growing years! 

Focus on restoring pelvic balance, improving posture, feel stronger ; cardio, toning, & stretch challenges circuit stations for mothers . There will be a variety of exercises of varying degree of difficulty so each mother can work at their own pace according to their post natal recovery, age of baby, fitness and energy level etc.  We weave your exercises and yoga to your child’s needs and keep them stimulated ( rested) too.

Tuesday 11-11.50am 

£40 for 6 classes ( valid for 9 weeks) 

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Family AcroYoga  3-8 years

Saturday 3.15pm once a month 

Family Yoga is a playful union of partner yoga between parent and child; the hour long monthly session include yoga moves, acrobatic flying poses, games and finishes with relaxation and massage. It is an amazing way for children to have one to one time with an adult and feel  strong and clever with their body. With practice child and parent develop sequences  unique to them and confidence and trust grows in the relationship as well as  communication skills. The most important thing is to have fun, allow yourself the fun and practice this form of play at home.
This class parent and child(ren), uses  yoga to be playful, build intimacy and encourage expression through exploring the animal kingdom and movement. Keep adults feeling young and fit and children get what they crave most physical contact and laughter ! I still spend time with my 18 year old daughter goofing around with  AcroYoga  and guess who in on the base now?

Saturdays 3pm monthly dates click below

 £5 per participant over the age of 2.5 years

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