Ellen O’Farrell     

MONDAY MORNING 10.00am – 11:15am     Gentle Hatha morning yoga

This class is a gentle somatic form of Hatha Yoga focused on balance and alignment with emphasis on functional movement. Most of my group classes are based on the Feldenkrais method Awareness through Movement, sometimes also described as mindful movement, although this a yoga class I draw on my experience on the Feldenkrais method and combine it with a modern form of hatha yoga. I also offer one to one work using the Feldenkrais Method which can help with chronic aches and pain, injury recovery or general movement and postural work.

The movements in the classes help students to discover easier and more efficient ways of moving, which can indirectly provide increased strength or range of movement without having worked to build muscles or to stretch them.

These classes can provide relief from muscular pain or tension and is particularly helpful in preventing recurring injuries caused by our habitual ways of moving.

This class is available as a drop in class for £7.

Email ellen@patternsofmovement.co.uk          Tel: 07736 101 610

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