The Yoga Hub  is based at the Maidenhead Community Centre which is the former V.R.S York Centre &  Café at 42 York Road.
The Yoga Hub is based at the York Centre allowing  us to share their premises. It is warm, clean and during the day has the Café open.
This central location has easy parking in Maidenhead town, just a few minutes walk away from the Town Hall and Maidenhead Library. Situated next door to Desborough Bowling Club and right alongside to  the Green Way path and waterways that lead to HomeBase car park if you want to a little walk and free parking.

Parking– . There are a few places for cars in the front and back of the Yoga Hub that you can use. The nearest car park is  Grove Road car park just a few minutes walk away and then you have the Nicholsons carpark It is a 10 minute walk from Homebase car park but you must not go over 3 hours as they do issue fines! Walk up along the Green Way following the canal , the Yoga Hub is directly on the left facing the waterways.
Maidenhead Community Centre is managed by volunteers along with the café which is open to all for good wholesome food at reasonable prices. They provide a whole host  of activites for the local seniors of Maidenhead, such as yoga, exercise classes, judo, martial arts, line dancing, art classes and many other forms of entertaining social events.

Yoga Rooms : they have a large hall at the front that is warm, clean and bright and a smaller more cozy room at the back. Once you get to know where your class is held you can enter through the front or rear of the building.

Equipment: Most teachers will have some  yoga mats to share but if you do have your own please bring it to class. Wear stretchy clothes and bring some fluid with you. Woman non wired bras or sports bras if possible are recommended.

Health: If you can think of any reason why you should not partake in the form of exercise please check with your doctor first and then yoga teacher. Make sure you keep the teachers updated  in changes to your health. If you feel light headed or dizzy stop and lie down till you feel better and bring medications you may be on with you​

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