Kids Yoga with Chitra 

Monday afternoon 4.30-5.30pm

Saturday morning  10-11am


Tel: 07464184414   Instagramchitra.yoga4u

Family AcroYoga  3-8 years

Family Yoga is a playful union of partner yoga between parent and child; the hour long monthly session include yoga moves, acrobatic flying poses, games and finishes with relaxation and massage. It is an amazing way for children to have one to one time with an adult and feel  strong and clever with their body. With practice child and parent develop sequences  unique to them and confidence and trust grows in the relationship as well as  communication skills. The most important thing is to have fun, allow yourself the fun and practice this form of play at home.
This class parent and child(ren), uses  yoga to be playful, build intimacy and encourage expression through exploring the animal kingdom and movement. Keep adults feeling young and fit and children get what they crave most physical contact and laughter ! I still spend time with my 18 year old daughter goofing around with  AcroYoga  and guess who in on the base now?

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 One Saturday a month 3.15pm 
£5  per child or adult